How does "Frontline Worker Discount" work?

Bespoke Extracts wishes to thank our frontline workers for their service all year long. We are pleased to offer you a 50% discount on our products. It is our hope that our products are able to help you on your journey for a healthier, all-natural lifestyle.

To get the discount:

1. Verify your status with SheerID - you’ll need to complete the verification form, which may require uploading documentation showing your status.

2. After successful verification, we’ll provide a promo code for 50% off all items.

3. Use the promo code during checkout. You’ll need to be signed in to your Nike Member profile to redeem the discount.


Who does Bespoke Extracts consider to be a Frontline Worker?

Health Workers: Doctors, nurses, midwives, paramedics, social workers.

Public Service: Police officers, firefighters.

Education: Teachers, support staff.

How do I prove I am a frontline worker?

When you register, you will need to upload your current workplace ID that reflects your name, job title, and photo.

Are there any exclusions to what I can purchase using my discount?

Our Frontline Worker discount applies to all regular-priced Bespoke Extracts products.

Can I use my Frontline Worker discount in combination with other offers or specials?

No. Your discount will apply only to regular-priced Bespoke Extracts products.

Can my family access my discount too?

No. Only you will have the authority to use your discount.

Can I use my discount to purchase items for friends and family?

Bespoke Extracts intends for your discount to be used to purchase products for your personal use only.